csw in action

The first Huish Episcopi Community Speed Watch was carried out on Friday 22nd of February outside Huish Academy. Motorists who speed through residential neighbourhoods are very often unaware of the impact their actions have on local residents, or the danger they pose to other road users and pedestrians and this is something we are working to address. We intend running at least one watch per week around the village.
There were 232 vehicles in the hour we were on watch and 13 were exceeding the 30 mph speed limit. These drivers will receive a warning letter along with advice to help change their driving behaviour. Further action will be taken by the police against persistent and high-end speed offenders as well as targeting individual locations as necessary.
It is not our intention to "catch" as many motorists as possible, we want motorists to know that Huish Episcopi is an area where Community Speed Watch operates and speeding through our village is something we are determined to reduce.
If anyone would like to join the team please contact CllrKeithPeto.hepc@yahoo.com for more information.

village sign speed watch poster

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