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Pibsbury Allotments
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Pibsbury Allotments were set up by Huish Episcopi Parish Council after the war in the 1950s. By the 1980s much of the field was given over to arable farming, however, the recent resurgence in popularity for growing vegetables, coupled with much smaller gardens provided to modern homes, had led to an increased demand for allotments.

Currently there are approximately 36 allotments, some of which have been subdivided to make half sized plots and in one instance a third size, this to meet the needs of local people who do not want a full size plot as that could prove daunting when starting out.

The ‘Allotmenteers’ are varied bunch with some very experienced gardeners and others new to it. As well as growing a variety of crops including fruit, vegetable and flowers, chickens and bees are also being kept. Some people also grow for competition so all in all there is always plenty of advice on hand if required.

The annual tenancy rent from 2020 is only £36, for a full-sized plot. Further information is available from the Clerk at:

Updated April 2020.

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