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N.B. As in the past, distribution of the funds to worthy causes (2019/20) generated by the advertisments on this website  has been completed. For details please click here

By advertising your business and thus becoming a sponsor of this website we undertake to offer:

* A Banner on the Home Page. Along with three others your banner will be displayed in turn according to an algorithm. The banner will be active to your website or in the absence of a website to your article on this website.

* Your own Article listed under our Businesses tab, a new sub tab can be created if necessary.  Banner and Article ( based on your supplied photographs and text) all subject to your approval.

* To stress the involvement / importance of sponsorship whenever the case arises, typically via this website or in person when distributing the funds to local good causes.

* To limit the total number of sponsors with the view to ensuring a higher level of banner exposure (varies with online activity) on the Home Page.

Sponsorship - £30 per annum payable on 1st April 

Cheques please to be made payable to Huish Episcopi Community Website and forwarded to:

Mrs. J. Redfearn, 7 Bishops Drive, Huish Episcopi, Langport, Somerset. TA10 9HW

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