Due to the continuing support we receive from local businesses, by way of advertising their services, we are pleased to say that this website is able, in turn, to support local good causes, please click here for details. (It was not possible to support local causes during the period 2020/1 due to the lack of resources as a result of waiving our advertisers fees during that period).

As a sponsor of the website you would have an Article under the 'Businesses' tab (additional categories are possible). Here you will be able to 'tell your story' and include suitable photographs if you wish. Additionally a Banner would be included on the 'Home page', this appears on a rotational basis controlled by an algorithm that responds to a screen refresh or another visitor logging onto the website. The banner image can have a click facility to your website or, in the absence of your own website, to your page on this website.
Please provide some photographs (digital or hard copy) and the text, via email. to: hecwenq@gmail.com to enable the (free of charge) creation of the Article and Banner.

To enable you to assess the effectiveness of your sponsorship, hits, clicks and impressions can be recorded by prior arrangement with the Webmaster.

Applications can be made throughout the year, however, all insertions will be deemed to run from the 1st April each year at which time the fees are due.

Sponsorship - £35 per annum or any part thereof.


This website's management will not be held responsible for any error, omission or inaccuracy in the advertising material supplied by advertisers. In addition the website's management expects advertisers to observe the British Code of Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing (as administered by the Advertising Standards Authority). Publication of an advertisement does not imply endorsement of any product, service or company. The Webmaster reserves the right to decline to publish any material supplied by the advertiser.








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