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Trial Ground - Application by Persimmon Homes to build 80 properties approved by the South Somerset District Council's Regulation Committee.

As widely predicted (bearing in mind the huge financial implications if otherwise) the SSDC’s Regulation Committee approved the application by Persimmon Homes to build 80 properties on the former ‘Trial Ground’ land, the gateway to Huish Episcopi.

Not one of the objections raised over years by the Parish Council, or put forward at the previous hearing (that resulted in a refusal to grant permission) were deemed by the Council of sufficient consequence to be minded to reject the application and thus approval was granted by a vote of seven to six.

A couple of points that were interesting to note:

* The notice by SSDC dated 6th July 2018 stated that ‘A representative from the Parish Council is also invited to attend the meeting’ and that speeches were to be limited to two minutes.
In fact, on the day these limitations, as stated on the ‘registering document’ were more relaxed, however, this ‘mix-up’ ensured that only one member of the Parish Council had prepared a speech and the other speakers had limited their’s to just the two minutes, all rather convenient from a certain standpoint.

* One of the District Councillors, who voted in favour of the application said that “the development is in-between Langport and Huish Episcopi, I suspect people in Huish Episcopi might agree its in Huish Epicopi rather than Langport”. This example of ‘careful consideration’ was greeted with derision by members of the public who were reminded to stay silent whilst listening to what was patently a ridiculous thing to say.

For the record our Ward Member did speak and vote in support of the Parish Council and Huish Episcopi parishioners, but alas to no avail.