The Huish Episcopi Community Speed Watch Team

Huish Episcopi Parish Council (HEPC) Speed Indication Device (SID) and Community Speed Watch (CSW)Team report - December 2020.

 The SID. owned by HEPC. has been in use since 6th September, the location is changed every two weeks.

The percentage of vehicles speeding, I'm sure you will agree, is shocking. A high of 28% in Wearne to a still high of 5.6% in Field Road and all other sites fall within these two extremes..

When the Community Speed Watch team are roadside, albeit only in daylight and fair weather, they have recorded an average of 2.5% speeding which we believe demonstrates the effectiveness of CSW.

We were down to 1.4% before lockdown 1, up to 6% when we re-commenced, reducing to 2.8% until lockdown 2. So far after lockdown 2 we are recording nearly 6% which we expect to reduce the more watches we do.

Contact in the first instance to join the CSW team and help stop the madness.

Best regards, stay safe and Happy Christmas to you all.

SID Team; John R, John W, Keith, Roger and Si
CSW Team; Alan, Kathy, Keith, Marilyn, Mat, Roger, Shirley and Tony.

Councillor Keith Peto

Huish Episcopi Parish Council.