Interim Allotment Report - 2016

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 April 2016 06:14
Written by Keith Peto

Spring report

The twelve new allotments have been formed as a third row to cope with the demand. This makes 36 in total.

Folk have started cultivating their plots which were ploughed and harrowed to give a good basis before allocation.

There have been a few changes recently. The car park between the first row and the river is now much enlarged to make parking easier. The access road between rows 2 and three is wide enough for parking and passing.

Some tenants have relinquished a whole plot (20 by 10 metres or 66 x 33 feet in old money) for a half plot. Some have taken a plot and a half.

I believe there are still some plots available, so "come on down" for a look see and apply for one. We have a pumped water supply running twice a week.

The annual tenancy rent from 2016 is only £30, so get your name on the waiting list by contacting the Clerk at: