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Defibrillator to be Installed at The Memorial Field Pavilion

450 john roger barry cheque handover 28.07.21 defibrillator

Defibrillator to be installed at the Memorial Field Pavilion

Photograph, left to right, – John Taylor, (Huish Episcopi Community Website) Roger Pearce, (Secretary/Treasurer of the Memorial Field Management Board) and Barry Horsgood, (Vice Chairman of the Memorial Field Management Board).

The cheque being passed is from the website account, it will go partway in funding the new defibrillator now on order. 

John, who came up with the proposal for a defibrillator, was prompted, when assisting Roger, by way of a CAD drawing, in his efforts to secure funding for much needed improved facilities at the pavilion, including that for the not-so-able users. The Euros had just started, when the news broke regarding the collapse on the pitch of Christian Erikson, one of the Danish footballers.

John mentioned that “of all places there should be a defibrillator sited at the pavilion, there are the young, involved in many activities, the running club, the senior citizens hold regular meetings there and not only that, there is the nearby housing including for the elderly”. All would have a ready access 24/7 to what could prove to be a life savings device.

John runs the website on a purely voluntary basis. From the outset, it was decided that, apart from the hosting cost, all the revenue generated by the advertisements carried on the website would go to local good causes. This is the latest example.

John added, “it would have been my preference to have funded the defibrillator outright, but due to the suspension of last year’s fees this was not found possible, but at least our contribution went a good way towards the cost and provided impetus to the proposal”.

Shirley Nicholas
Member of the Memorial Field Management Boarddefibrillator for pavilion







Defibrillator cabinet installed, just awaiting registration (as at 08.09.2021)