Rector of the benefice of Aller, High Ham and Huish Episcopi cum Langport retires,

July 2014, just eight years ago, Jess Pitman was installed as Rector of the newly created benefice of Aller, High Ham and Huish Episcopi cum Langport.
After 700 years of Vicars in the ancient parish of Huish cum Langport, later under slightly different titles, Jess was the first women priest to hold the role in Huish Episcopi. Jess was experienced in the local area as curate and with the support of the parishioners appointed to the new position.

She met the challenges of her mission role with vigour, reaching out to various sections of the community including the young children in groups at the Angel. Also supporting a memory café, and numerous other groups. Christmas would see her and members of her congregation performing a living Christmas story with shepherds and wisemen walking round the streets of a festive Langport. The pandemic altered the ancient and modern roles of the church in the community and she was critically aware of the financial and social burdens both families and individuals suffered. Through Langport Cares, supported by many volunteers she reached out during this time and continues to do so in the ever changing environment. Little doubt this work will continue as it has become an essential support to many.

Many have appreciated her humour and drive during what is more than 10 years in the area. They will wish her and her husband Chris well as she retires from her priest’s role and no doubt will have more time to spend with her family and grandmotherly role. Her final service will be held in All Saints Church, 10.30 am on Sunday 10th July. It will be a Holy Communion service and little doubt she will be delighted to have chance to say her farewells to both church goers and all members of the community she has so well supported over the last decade or more.

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