Projubilee tree 3posals had been made by HEPC councillors to give 70 randomly selected residents a gift to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee or to give a gift to all the Huish Episcopi Primary School students. We were also considering planting some trees to mark this event but no one seemed to have any ideas as to the best place to plant them. When the Headteacher Tiffany was approached, rather than give the students a mug or an equivalent item, she indicated that she would like some trees planted on the school's sports field to give shade for future students. The Queen's Green Canopy was agreed by most as the best way forward.
As there are seven classes in the school and seven decades of the Queen's reign, it was decided by Jane Redfearn, Tiffany and me appropriate to plant seven trees.
As Beverly (John's wife) and I had sourced and planted forty trees over the last eighteen months in our orchard, I volunteered to organise the selection, sourcing and planting. The final trees and positions for planting were done with the support of Jane, Tiffany and Beverly.   

jubilee tree 2

trees plaqe

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